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Glasir is the largest educational institution in the Faroe Islands. With more than 1.500 students and 250 staff, we offer 6th form, vocational and higher education within a variety of fields.

The building, which is home to Glasir, is designed with the purpose of hosting three different schools, which were merged to form this new school. The building, some 19.500m2, is designed by the internationally acclaimed architectural studio BIG, led by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. The link below provides an overview of the building, with each of six floors hosting different areas of our multifaceted activities.

Visits to Glasir must be pre-booked or arranged in advance. Write an email to post@glasir.fo or call (+298) 616 600 to book a guided tour of the building or to see if a visit to the school can be arranged.

Glasir Floor plan

Here you can browse through plans of the four floors to see the layout and where the different branches of our activities are situated.